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    (1) X-Files = Files like of X-films?
    (2) l'il = lil?
    (3) crop rotation? It seems unlikely that it means "The successive planting of different crops on the same land to improve soil fertility and help control insects and diseases." Because it followed "cutting hair".
    He will scream select verses of the Bible: Those best fitting those whom he finds to be the most different from himself. He helpfully reminds all unwed mothers, homosexuals (remember, in Preacher dialect, there is an accent on the second syllable: “hoMOsexuals".), interracial couples, rock music fans, and those who watch The X-Files of all those fun, fun things on which his widdle Bible is very clear.

    Now, if you are feeling in the mood for a bit of debate and have the drive for a l’il fun, point out to him that he forgot to mention that the Bible also sanctions slavery, ethnic cleansing, polygamy, wife-bartering, wife-beating, wife-killing and condemns wearing clothing made of two different fibers, eating shellfish, eating pork, cutting hair and crop rotation - just to name a few.

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    1) All those things that have been X-rated by the Preachers.
    2) little
    3) yes, it's that meaning. He enumerates unrelated things that are supposed to be forbidden by the Bible.


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