I wrote this letter but I think may need some correction..thx in advance!

I am very keen with dealing with customer’s personal requests and when they can not make up their mind, I am always willing to give a client the proper advice in the best way regarding individual condition. Because of my long term dedication to a fashion sales career I know all the tricks of a good promoter of a fashion trade, ready to attend the customers in a suitable way to discuss with them and offering the best and persuade them .

Apart from that I am a balanced and upstanding person, with pleasant appearance and respectable image, talented and skilful with a good reputation, cheerful and kind, with vast amount of patience and huge devotion to clients and customers, always able to deal, with high quality and respect, with all the challenges I’ve been getting throughout my career so far. I could only add that I have a special gift of dealing with customers and would love to continue perform in the world of fashion.

I am more determined that ever to work on this behalf, non t because I think I’d get an easier time of it that I did with some of more challenged tasks, but because deep down I want to succeed here in London. I am not being idealistic, is just that I consider London one of the finest sites in the world. I llove every second of it and would face with confidence and gusto each task and challenge.

My attractive appearance and my special status, a working in the fashion field under renowned stores in Italy for so long, my pleasant approach to clients and reliability to look after your financial interest makes me think I have every chance of becoming the right person you are looking for to help you make your business flourish.

I am confident to be meeting all the criteria required for the job position you are offering so please consider the possibility of seeing in me the right person to perform all the task and assignments in the best way, benefiting both of us.

I would be honoured to take up assignment with you so for any further necessary arrangements please contact me on my mobile phone……… or by email………...