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    shore , coast , coastline , beach

    Dear Teacher,

    Could you please explain with examples the different uses of :

    shore , coast , coastline , beach .

    thanks for your help

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    Re: shore , coast , coastline , beach

    ((Not a teacher))

    Shore:- The land along the edge of sea, river or broad lake.
    -- The ship will reach the shore shortly.

    Beach: An area adjacent to a sea shore; the expanse of sand along the shore.
    -- The children played on the beach.
    - We made sand castles on the beach.

    Coast: If refers only to land along an ocean/sea.

    --They live on the coast in a beautiful house.

    Coastline: The outline of a coast.

    -- I could see the coastline from the distance.
    --The coastline could be seen from the ship.

    Hope the above clarifies.

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