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    Post unknow phrasal verb

    I was reading a comic book. In the comic book a pervert guy likes to snoop girls when they are naked. One of these girls discovered him while she was naked taking a bath in a river. This girl is a kind of superhero so she just got mad, pick up a very big rock and started to yell at him:

    I'll weigh you down!
    I'll drown you in the river!

    I understand the second sentence but for the first one I don't know this phrasal verb: "weigh you down". In the context of the reading I think is a synonym for "drown you" or "crush"

    I looked for this phrasal verb first in your web site and next in Google, but I wasn't lucky enough to find any reference or explanation.

    Would you explain me what means "weigh you down"?
    Thank you in advance and have a good day

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    Re: unknow phrasal verb

    If you put the two sentences together, and remember she has super powers of strength, then she is going to put the great big rock on top of him while he is in the river, to "weigh him down" and so push him underwater, so he will drown.
    Much more polite than strangling him with her hands.

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