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Thread: Parallelism??

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    I am writing an essay that is supposed to compare and contrast Fredrich Nietzsche's "Good and Evil Reconsidered" with John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath". I was told by a friend that parallelism was used all over by both authors, but the problem is... I don't understand how to identify it or what it really is. I have done some research online, but I'm still not understanding the concept. So can someone please try and explain it to me?

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    Re: Parallelism??

    I'm not sure but perhaps this may help you

    In parallelism, mental events and physical events are perfectly coordinated by God; so that when a mental event such as Sally's decision to walk across the room occurs, simultaneously Sally's body heads across the room, in the absence of a direct cause-effect relation between mind and body. Mental and physical events are just perfectly coordinated by God, either in advance (as per Gottfried Leibniz's idea of pre-established harmony) or at the time (as in the Occasionalism of Nicolas Malebranche).

    Brought to you by wikipedia.

    Otherwise parallelism can be a rhetorical concept.

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    Re: Parallelism??

    I think your last suggestion is most likely to be appropriate here: I'm attaching a handout I used in a lesson earlier this week - but the fact that Nietzsche is given as an example makes me less sure.

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