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    How to say.

    This is first time that I participate in a forum. Please I want to know, how say in english: "Como le ha ido".

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    Re: How to say.

    You could translate it word-for-word - there is, equally, in English, the expression 'How did it go for you?', but in some contexts (with a risk of sexual innuendo ) you could say 'How was it for you?'

    In most contexts though I think the natural question in Br English would be 'How did it go?' [no "for you"], 'How was it?', 'What was it like?', 'What did you think of it [optional "of it"]?', or - especially after something competitive, like an interview or an exam - 'How did you get on?


    Si quieres hablar en tu léngua (lingua? - hablo mejor portugués, y ¡siempre voy mezclando los dos!) hay un foro especial -


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