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    Question When do we use "result of" and when do we use "result from"

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Re: When do we use "result of" and when do we use "result from"

    The result of an experiment.
    The result of the alcohol test.
    They will announce the result of the vote tonight.

    People will have to face increasing living expenses resulting from higher production costs.
    He said the attack resulted from the country's lack of understanding of the
    system in Hongkong.
    In some cases these diseases may result from bad nutrition.

    Can you see the difference?
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    Re: When do we use "result of" and when do we use "result from"

    This can be quite tricky. Reading will help and you should always look carefully at the usage whenever you come across it. For example, we say:
    We are waiting for the result of the match, and
    We are waiting for the result from the match.
    In the first case it is simply a time consideration - when the match is finished we will learn the result.
    In the second case the match may already have finished and we are waiting until that is received.
    In general, however, we use 'result of' something that has or is about to take place (the new road layout and whether or not that improves traffic flow) and 'result from' somewhere about something that is new or has changed (from John in London of the mayoral election).


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