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    present perfect tense

    I need to write up a lesson plan for a college level ESl intermediate/advanced class on the present perfect. I would like to see a sample lesson with an explanation of the tense and its uses, the conjugation and activities that include individual work, and pair and group work. Then I'd like to finish with homework. How would you follow up in subsequent class on the structure?

    Thank you.

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    Re: present perfect tense

    Quote Originally Posted by jacalyn scott View Post
    How would you follow up in subsequent class on the structure?
    I'd write the following on the board.
    Because I’ve seen it a hundred times!
    Because I’ve read it!
    Because I’ve finished my work!
    Because I’ve never met him!
    Then I'd tell them that they have to respond to one of my prompts with an expression from the board. I'd go on calling on individual students and ask them questions that should provoke one of the answers.
    Why don’t you want to see Saw 3?
    Why don’t you have your book today?
    Why are you sitting there doing nothing?
    Why don’t you ask him out?
    You could just make the questions and challenge the students to come up with their own answers beginning with :
    Because I’ve …
    Because I haven’t..
    Show the sign
    Just a thought

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