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    Speaking of a Cardinal

    I read that when writing to a Cardinal, you will put his title between his first and last name. John Cardinal Doe, for instance. But, I don't remember seeing this way of naming a Cardinal in the press. I always see Cardinal John Doe. Is John Cardinal Doe strictly formal style? You would never use this form in an article or a novel?

    Also, should Cardinal, Pope and other titles of the clergy always be capitalized? What about a group of cardinals, should they be a group of Cardinals?


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    Re: Speaking of a Cardinal

    Since 1630, cardinals have taken the style Eminence. In accordance with Latin tradition, they, like the pope, sign by placing the title (Papa, abbreviated P.P., or Cardinalis abbreviated Card.) after their first name, as, for instance, "Benedictus P.P. XVI" or "John Card. Doe". This order is also found when referring to cardinals in English, and is the form that James-Charles Noonan, in The Church Visible, p. 205, cites as the correct form. (It is also common, though not universal, for archdioceses led, or traditionally led, by cardinals to use this form... Read more here Cardinal (Catholicism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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    Re: Speaking of a Cardinal

    Thanks! The Wikipedia article is very clear on the matter.


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