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    Hi everybody,

    1, Is there any difference between take a look, have a look and look at?

    Thank you

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    Re: look

    Take a look at this book. It is really fantastic. >> Look with attention

    When you are in the store, have a look at that jacket I told you about.
    >> take a look while you are there

    Can you look at this watch and see what's wrong with it?
    >> examine this watch.

    Look at that bird - what an amazing colour it is!
    >> you are drawing someone's attention to the bird.

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    Re: look

    So, 'take a look' and 'have a look' mean the same, however, 'take a look' is more emphatic, it requires some attention, right?

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    Re: look

    It's a more direct instruction/order to look at something. "Have a look" is not quite so imperative.


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