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    describing an architectural project

    I'm a student of architecture and have to describe a project.
    The task was to transform a car into a building (not physically, but from a design point of view). It would be great if somebody could correct my draft.
    Thanks in advance!

    My descriprion of the project:

    "A car is divided into different areas, each having its own significance inside the vehicle. These areas occupy different angles of view which generate the shape. The drivers view forms the main part of the building. It reaches over the entire length and is open on front and back sides. Underneath, the additional spaces are placed. To adapt the size of the building to the space requirements, the procedure of a junk press was simulated. Through the compression it becomes smaller and more compact in shape. The crumpled building gives a comples and manyfold expression to the interior. A ramp system leads through the building and connects the different parts."

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    Re: describing an architectural project

    I presume the idea is to regard a car as a building, and so describe it architecturally. There are two possible styles/tenses in writing this paragraph. One is as the original designing architect describing the concept to his commissioning client; or a latter-day architect explaining to someone how, say, the Sydney Opera House looks to an architect's eye. Your style is the latter. Is that the style you want to go with?

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