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Thread: rocky patches

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    rocky patches

    Hi teacher!

    I hope you can help me understand the exact meaning of the highlightened words...I can think that it means they are saying words that can hurt their feelings or they have a strong arguments occassionally...I'm not really sure...I hope you can help me with this...thank you so much...

    My personal life is going well, with a man that I truly care for, even though we hit our rocky patches occassionally.

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    Re: Can you please help me know the meaning of this idiom?

    Hello jacklady,

    I think you can figure this out on your own.

    Imagine you are on a journey. Most of the way, you are on long, straight, well-paved, even roads. Sometimes, however, the road is not very well-paved. It's rough. There may even be rocks in the road. How comfortable is that part of your journey, compared to when you get back on the nice, smooth road again?

    Now apply that to a relationship. It doesn't require "strong arguments," but perhaps areas of disagreement or just a desire to do different things for a while. (On the other hand, it could be strong arguments, etc.)

    Note that "we hit a rough patch" is the same metaphor for "we hit a rocky a patch" and you can use "area" instead of "patch."

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