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    Cool Captivated/Conquered me?

    Hello amigos!

    She captivated/conquered me since/from the first time I met her.

    Do these verbs have the same meaning in the sentence?
    Which preposition fits better in the sample?



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    Re: Captivated/Conquered me?

    Captivated and conquered have different meanings. I assume you want to say you liked her a lot and she had your full attention. So you need to use captivated and only "from" works with this verb tense.

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    Re: Captivated/Conquered me?

    "She captivated me the moment I met her."
    "He was captivated by her beauty."

    conquer (as one meaning):gain the love, admiration, or respect of a person or group of people : "The Beatles were to leave Liverpool and conquer the world."

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    Smile Re: Captivated/Conquered me?

    ..and their music captivated the world.



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