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Thread: Bowling

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    Hi, I have some doubts about the word "bowling"?

    1. When I'm going to play the game I say:
    "They are going bowling"
    , right?
    Can I say also "They are bowling"?, does it have the same meaning of the previous sentence?

    2. Another doubt is: Is it correct to say "play bowling online"?

    3. And the last one: how can I call the place where people go bowling? "Bowling alley"? Is there any other option?


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    Re: Bowling

    1. Almost the same: "going bowling" will do it later; "are bowling" doing it now.
    2. Okay
    3. Not really any other option - You might here someone say "we are going to the bowling lanes" since an indiviual place to bowl can be called either "an alley" or "a lane".

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