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    really a simple sentence

    hi, one more question:)

    We have the simple sentence:

    "I can do it."
    thus Subject - modal verb - infinitive - object.

    Are in this sentence two clauses? - "I can" and "do it"???? I presumed that "I can" would be an independent clause and "do it" is an infinitive (a dependent, non-finite clause)...OR ....Its all in all an independent clause - a sentence as whole?

    Can anyone clarify this to me?

    thanks a lot

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    Re: really a simple sentence

    It is a sentence.Expressing ability.

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    Re: really a simple sentence

    I would also treat it as a single clause. You could think of "do it" as the complement of the modal verb.


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    Re: really a simple sentence

    I (subject) can (modal verb) do(verb) it (object)

    "In the morning, I do housework, and in the afternoon, I do some gardening. I can do (= am able to do) a lot more now that my broken arm is healed."

    Let me! I can do that!

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