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    Question DN means ...

    Hi there!

    A friend of mine received his university transcript. When I read it, I came across an abbreviation but I didn't know what it stand for ... It is DN

    According to university terms, what does it stand for?

    Would explain that, please?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: DN means ...


    I'm not realated to Academia, and don't have the context, but the Free Dictionary gives a few suggestions for "DN", the most appropriate that I can spot might be an abbreviation for "Dominus Nihil", which is Latin for "no Master (or teacher)"
    DN - encyclopedia article about DN.

    Hope this helps, if not, please advise on the context, which would help considerably.


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    Re: DN means ...

    DN refers to disciplinary notice, and the letters are placed on a student's academic record and official transcript if they have committed academic misconduct.

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