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    Different nations have different standards of humor!

    Hi everyone, :)
    Recently I have read a short passage from a English paper of national college examination of China. I suppose this passage must have been originally adapted from an English native passage. The passage is as following.
    Sam and Joe were astronauts. There was once a very dangerous trip and the more experienced astronauts knew there was only a small chance of coming back alive .Sam and Joe ,however,thought it would be exciting though a little dangerous,"We're the best men for the job, "they said to the boss. "There may be problems, but we can find the answers." "They're the last people I'd trust,"thought the boss."But all the other astronauts have refused to go."

    Once they were in space,Joe had to go outside to make some repairs.When the repairs were done, he tried to get back inside the spaceship. But the door was locked. He knocked but there was no answer. He knocked again, louder this time , and again no answer came. Then he hit the door as hard as he could and finally a voice said,"Who's there?""It's me! Who else could it be?" shouted Joe. Sam let him in all right but you can imagine that Joe never asked to go on a trip with Sam again!
    What do you think is the writer's purpose of writing this essay? Do you think it is humorous? :?
    Thank you!
    Weiqun Ding.

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    It's not funny. You could say it's light-hearted, so it is slightly humorous.

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