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    Is Progress Always Good?

    hi every body
    i would esteem it a favoure if you could correct my essay.
    thank you very much indeed in advance.
    Is Progress Always Good?
    Christmas Night

    My best memories from my childhood belong to my granny’s house, where I spend my most colorful times in: long hot summer days, as well as endless cold nights of winter, especially Christmas night, when we all gathered around a table full of nuts and fruits, in her house and listened to her wonderful tales.
    On those beautiful days every thing was a reason to gather in her house and enjoy the time: any religious or national holiday or something like this.
    But little by little we got older and consequently our time got more limited because of lesson load in high school and then university entrance exam, and then work and then marriage and so on! So we neither have enough time to gather in grandma’s house nor to visit any of other relatives!
    And admittedly the progress of technology helped us a lot in this process, because it enabled us to phone to somebody for example to say him congratulation in a special event instead of going to his house! And then after advent of internet and cellphone it was even easier to save more amount of our worth time by writing an off line message or SMS and sent it to all!
    But grandmother had neither cellphone nor yahoo messenger, so little by little she faded and finally was omitted from our relation circle!
    These days, under the pressure of workload and heavy burdens, most of the times I envy to those happy relaxed days crammed with cheer and joy and far from technology advancement in grandma’s house!
    March 13, 2008

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    Re: Is Progress Always Good?

    My fondest memories are of the times I spent at my grandmother's house.

    Who wants to claim this one?

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