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    Counterpart for this???


    Can anyone tell me one little thing? This is confusing me for sometime, though I am highly knowledgeable in English.

    We say "It is raining" "It's I"
    "It's he" etc.,

    But is there a counterpart for "It is" for plurals?

    for instance, we can't obviously say "It's they" but it seems mostly right and acceptable by most people to say "It's the films that ruins him" or "it's the cartoons" some use it, though not, maybe, in the English-speaking territories. But why does it look more innocuous while "It's they" looks odd?

    Is there a counterpart for "it is" to be used with plurals? If so, please let me know.

    Lenin Nair

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    Re: Counterpart for this???

    'It is they who are wrong.' is a correct sentence

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