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    Smile two syllable adjectives ending in "y"

    The opposite of happy is unhappy easy uneasy friendly unfriendly.They are all two syllable adjectives that end in y. Do all adjectives that end in y have the negative form with un. If not will you please tell me some examples?

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    Re: two syllable adjectives ending in "y"

    These don't take -un:


    This one does:

    lucky, unlucky

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    Smile Re: two syllable adjectives ending in "y"

    Adjectives that end in 'y' are often expressing that something has the quality of the root word, which is usually a noun.
    For example:
    dirt -dirty
    grit - gritty
    bubble -bubbly
    juice -juicy
    water -watery
    cloud -cloudy
    wood -woody
    fuzz -fuzzy
    smell -smelly
    and so on.

    These adjectives' antonyms or opposites are usually a completely separate word. The opposite of dirty is clean, the opposite of juicy is dry, the opposite of cloudy is clear and so on.

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