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    Usage of "as hell"


    The little story in Quote 1 was written by myself several years ago. And a guy told me "as hell" sounds bad for parents in a story for kids. Please read his comment in Quote 2. I daren't use "as hell" at will since then. I wonder whether it is his comment appropriate. I mean whether "as hell" is a negative phrase or not. Thanks!

    PS. I don't need you to proofread my writing.


    How heavy the snow is! It 's bitterly cold. All is white from earth up to hills. Nothing leaves to be eaten, she is hungry as hell and has to ran out for food.

    The white little bunny castes about for food, telling to herself " The snow is so heavy and it is so cold that little money must be very hungry. I would like to share the food with him, if I can get some.

    The white little bunny digges out the snow by hand. Wow, there lie two carrots under the snow. How cheerful she is!

    I doubt a story for children that uses the phrase "hungry as hell" would be appreciated by parents or children.
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