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    English text... need help

    Hey guys, i am working on a text on the school and if somebody could help me correct it.... give me tips or anything... Would be wonderfullll!!!

    Decisions - Just a part of

    We have all been in the position were we have seen maybe some of our friends done something bad.
    We have all been in the position were we had to decide something and whatever we would do would get us feeling bad about it.
    Each day we humans have to take decision that will on one, or on many ways affect you or someone of your friends. Many of the decisions that stand on you might be hard to take, and you have for sure sometimes been sitting down and thinking really hard about “what is the correct choose” and “What should you do there and at that moment"

    Many have read the novell Of Mice and Men, in the end of it a guy called Lennie gets shot by his best friend George! At this moment George had a hard decision to take. Should he kill his best friend or should he not?
    Why did he actually kill his friend?
    Well, the answer is that he felt that it was the correct decision, and he were though enough to do what he thought was best, not letting the other people torture him and letting Lennie feel pain! George knew that Lennie dident really mean what he did, and he knew that

    We are only humans, and we will all do big mistakes sometimes, and this will affect our lifes. This is just how it is, and we we can’t really stop this from happening!
    Just think that one day you finish at school, and you might some years later get a higher position in a bigger company. One day your upper boss tells you to fire a guy because his not fast enough to keep the job, how would you feel in this position? What would you do?
    You might try to help the guy, and give him a hint that if he don’t get his ass working he wouldent stay much longer.
    Well didn’t you get the order to fire him? Well, you’re right it’s just our feelings and what we actually decide to do.

    If we take an example from the movie/book “Black Hawk Down” that finds place in Africa we got a really good example.
    In middle of the movie when the US forces attacks a terror group in the civilian area, a soldier gets in a really hard situation. He meets a 12-14 years old boy that points a gun on him; he decides to just stand there because he doesn’t want to shot the young guy. Was this his correct decision, and why would he sacrifice him self for a young guy with a gun that wants to kill him! Well, it’s just up to the one person that is in the middle of the situation.

    The decisions that we take is affected by how we were raised at our homes our parents, and many childs today doesn’t have it good in their home, and these humans just got to learn by experience!

    Yes, we are all humans but we haven’t got the same thoughts about everything! Next time you stand up for a hard and important decision, do what you feel is best and that you mean is right! Don’t let anybody else get you to change your opinion and do what you feel is best!
    Good luck out in your life, and let’s hope you do the correct decisions!

    And yes, I guess the decisions are a big part of our lifes!

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    Re: English text... need help

    We have all been in a position where we have seen some of our friends do something bad, and where we have had to decide something, and yet whatever we did had us feeling bad about it.

    Each day we make decisions that affect us or our friends. Many of the decisions are hard to make and you often may find yourself sitting and thinking, "What is the correct choice? What should I do?"

    Many have read the novel Of Mice and Men, wherein a guy called Lennie gets shot by his best friend George. At that moment in time, George had a hard choice to make, and he felt that killing his best friend was the right thing to do. He did what he thought was best. George knew that Lennie did not really mean what he did, and he knew that.

    We are only human; we will all make mistakes sometimes that change our lives. This is just how it is, and we can't really stop this from happening.

    Imagine that you graduate from school and get a top position in a big company. One day your boss tells you to fire an employee because he is not doing his job well. How would you feel? What would you do?
    Hopefully someone else will come along and edit the rest.

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