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  1. mahesh_vidhate

    want to speak fluent english

    Hello Teacher .

    I am a student of graduation.and i want to speak fluent english .
    please hepl me .

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    Re: want to speak fluent english

    hi .
    though i am not a teacher but still i would like to share some of my opinions with you that might help youout.

    if you want to speak fluent english the sentence construction and the thought process should be good . that you can learn as you practice on it ..

    read news papers aloud , watch news channels, try to listen to the cricket or football commentaries.
    and try to communicatein english with your friends that will also help you out in boosting up your confidence .

    reading newspaper aloud will help you out in speaking at a stretch and clear.

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    Re: want to speak fluent english

    Im not a teacher either, but I've seen many cases of people who can understand English right away and who are very good at writing, but when it comes to speaking, they get stuck.
    Sometimes it's just a lack of self confidence. If you're able to write a composition and your teacher says it's alright, there should not be any problem in speaking, other than getting through the fear of speaking in front of an audience.
    In my (short) experience, many many people feel ashamed of producing sounds which are very different from those of their mother tongues.
    If that is your case, my humble advise would be: don't be afraid of talking as the native English talk. Even it it sounds as chewing gum.
    What would you think of a man with a strong accent speaking in your language? You are him when you speak English using your "local" pronuntiation.
    Read as much English as you can, and watch films with subtitles if needed. It works a treat.

    I hope it helps, mate.

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