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    TOEIC needs raters

    Toeic is adding a letter to their acronym and it's now STOEIC. When I qualified for their rating it took me about 4 hours of online training and I got a nasty virus on my computer.

    The nice part is that ETS paid me $25 for certifying. It;s nice to know that ETS does what it says and pays bonuses for certifying. Their scheduling process is another matter.

    For those of you who want to get in on this online rating, go to and pick the kind of test you want to rate.

    You;ll get more instruction and answers as you navigate the site.


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    Re: TOEIC needs raters

    Sounds rather dubious.

    I'm kind of confused; what rating did you qualify for, and what did they certify you for?

    Psst, is $25 bucks worth 'a nasty virus'?

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    Re: TOEIC needs raters

    I qualified for STOEIC speaking, which requires downloading their OGG patch, and a Sun Java download.

    Being a Canadian, I'd assume you're used to acquiring nasty viruses. The upside is that I can put "TOEFL-STOEIC rater" on my resume.

    I got my last job because of my ETS connection.

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