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    Analysing Grammar structures

    I am having difficulties trying to understand this question, any help or advice would be appreciated.

    Write the form, function and phonological aspects of these items.

    I was having a bath when the phone rang.

    I wish I had worked harder.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Analysing Grammar structures

    "Form" refers to a word's category; i.e. noun, verb, determiner, adjective, and so on). "Function" refers to what a word does in the sentence; i.e., subject, verb, object, and so on).

    Main Clause
    I pronoun, subject
    was past tense verb
    having present participle
    a indefinite article
    bath noun, object

    Subordinate Clause (adverbial)
    when adverb
    the definite article
    phone noun, subject
    rang past tense verb

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    Re: Analysing Grammar structures

    I wish I had worked harder.

    A complex sentence with an object clause.
    I wish - main clause.
    I had worked harder - object clause.

    I - personal pronoun, subject
    wish - verb, simple verbal predicate

    I - personal pronoun, subject
    had worked - an analytical form called Past Subjunctive, identical with the Past Perfect
    harder - adverb in comparative degree, adverbial modifier of manner.

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