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    I saw a sentence in a Grammar book that reads "The Bears are the best team of the League this year." Obviously "The Bears" is a name and I don't think it actually a group of bears. So, why is not the "The Bears is the best team ....."? Secondly, even the name of team means a group of players, it doesn't imply the players are doing something together and that it doesn't have a plural sense. Meanwhile, I would say "The Bears are preparing for the final match of the League tomorrow" because the sentence bears a plural sense. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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    Re: Agreement

    "The Bears" is the nickname of the American football team, the Chicago Bears.

    In the sentence I read it as referring to the team as a group of players, so I agree that your suggested sentence makes sense.

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    Re: Agreement

    Hello Secondtongue, welcome to UsingEnglish!

    With teams, clubs, etc., I would use a singular noun where the context implied "an entity", and a plural noun where the context implied "a group of people". Thus:

    1. Manchester Utd is a very old club.
    2. Manchester Utd are running out onto the pitch.

    I notice that speakers of American English are less inclined to the second usage, though.

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    Not a professional ESL teacher.

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    Re: Agreement

    Usually the US speakers do prefer the singular for the "entity" sense. IBM is announcing..., Manchester United is...

    However, with the team names, we tend (granted, inconsistently) to use the plural if the team name is plural.

    Hence, the Pistons are my favorite team, but the Magic is a close second.

    The Spurs are a great team, but the Jazz is a great team too.

    There are very few pro teams that don't end in S (besides the Jazz and Magic, I can only think of the Heat) so you'll hear the plural more often.

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    Re: Agreement

    Thank you very much for your sharing.

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