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    Hi there,
    What is difference between ‘made of’ and ‘made from’ as in the examples below?
    1. Paper is made from wood.
    2. The shirt is made of silk.

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    Re: difference

    We had a thread on this, with excellent responses, some time ago. I tried to locate it using the search function, so as to direct Peter123 to it, but I have never had any luck with the search function. I'm sure it was posted as "what is the difference between made of and made from'.
    Would others like to try searching with 'made of' or 'made from'?
    I write this to bring it to the attention of moderators, who might look into this.
    To get round this problem, when some excellent responses are given to a thread, rather than letting them remain relegated to the morgue of some electronic archive, I'm making an annotated collection...ready for repeat use.

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    Re: difference

    Is this what you were looking for?

    Additionally, I've found this in Yahoo Answers:

    "Made of" -- Indicates that the entirety of the product is constructed out of a certain type or grade of material.

    "Made with" --Indicates that only a portion of the product is manufactured out of a certain type or grade of material.

    "Made from" -- Indicates that a product is made out of preexisting manufactured materials.

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