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Thread: in or in the?

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    in or in the?

    Hi there,

    Which one is correct?
    In most formal situations even in the newspapers, adults are called by their real
    first name with their title (in front OR in the front).

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    Re: in or in the?

    Thanks for your question, peter.
    Same query here.
    Let's wait for the teachers' ideas :)

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    Re: in or in the?

    In most formal situations, even in (the-omit) newspapers, knights are referred to

    with their title of 'Sir', and their first name.
    'referred to as "Sir", together with their first name.

    Other peers, such as Dukes, Duchesses, Earls, are not so referred to, so it isn't adults or 'peers' generally. The title that adults have is Mr., Mrs. or Ms.

    If by 'real first name', you mean, not a nickname, this would be implicitly understood, as you begin, 'in formal situations'. One would hardly introduce someone to the Mayor of London as Sir Knotty Knickers..


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