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    red mother

    What does it mean?

    There's no context.


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    Re: red mother

    you should precise your question,

    What are you looking for ? "Red mother"

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    Re: red mother

    I've found two Red Mothers in the first page of Google searchs:

    First Red Mother: Tommy Hilfiger Women's Heart Red Mother Of Pearl Dial Watch #1700295: Watches

    Second Red Mother,00.html

    But there are some millions more of results.

    And then, of course, this kind of words combination

    One Dozen Red Mother's Day Roses.

    I hope it helps

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    Re: red mother

    Quote Originally Posted by Nefertiti View Post
    What does it mean?

    There's no context.

    I find that hard to believe. You must have heard or read it somewhere - so what was happening or being said at the time [unless of course you have made it up ]?

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