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    Single Spoke

    What is Single Spoke and subheader?

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    Re: Single Spoke

    Posted by mmboose, this forum, back in Jan 2006:

    A spoke in brainstorming techniques, with the mind mapping. It's is just like a spoke on a wheel. When asking for a single spoke it means, one of the lines that is off of the main subject of the map. As in, the center of the paper will have a circle, inside that circle you would put your main topic, mine would be "Employee Privacy Rights in the Workplace", now you draw 4 or 5 lines outwards all on different sides of that circle. those lines are spokes.

    I haven't figured out the sub-headers yet, but I am going to assume that those are the circles that you draw after you make the lines.

    This from Wiki answers:

    How can you narrow your topic to a single spoke or to a sub-header of a spoke on a map?
    In: Distances and Travel Times
    Everyone knows what a sub header is right? A sub- header is a title to a book or essay right will if you are basically staying on that one subject you are sub- heading. If you are sub header to a spoke that means you are talking about the subject but are using other examlpes to help you along the way like varieties of ways getting on and off the subject but not exactly.

    Anyone personally knowledgeable about this advertising/marketing lingo?
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