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    Avarice- Part four Short story

    Everyone knows that people born under the sign of Aries are stubborn and fight to the end. Nothing can stop them. If they found themselves in front of a thick wall they would pound against it with their head until the wall is knocked down or their skull is cracked. Often it is usually a skull which is fractured but they never learn a lesson and show the same indomitable will again and again. As I am one of them I could not allow myself to be defeated by an eccentric who thought about books only as goods and hunted for them as a madman.

    There was a Red Cross charity shop outside the town and I took the bus in the hope to finally find a place where I could find some peace for my soul in this soulless city. The bus was almost empty. Behind me sat two alcoholics and quarrelled about money. The smell of tasteless Swedish beer, 2.8% alcohol, wafted towards me reminding me that in this country they do not only classify beer but people also. Some of them were sterilised in the past to keep the Nordic race clean and beautiful!

    The ride was about ten minutes and the bus went into the grey industrial zone where one saw neither leggy blondes nor other creatures. On both side of the street there were small companies and workshops witnessing about the entrepreneurship of the Swedish people. The deeper we went inside the more satisfied I felt. I knew that he would never find his way here. Finally, when I saw a white painted building with a big red Red Cross sign above the entrance I felt such a happiness I had not felt since I had been queuing for food during the war in our local Red Cross.

    I opened the door and found myself in a huge room in a size of a supermarket. I was not interested in paintings, clothes and furniture but hurried to the right where I saw bookshelves overfilled with books. I had not made more then a few steps when I saw him again. There was at least ten meters between us but I felt the stench of cigarettes in my nostrils again and I did not know if it was a real smell or was it my mind which had created it as soon as I saw the strange man. My stomach started turning and my legs trembled. Had I seen the prison guard who beat me every day for three months, I would not have felt so bad like this. It was obvious that God or Devil wanted to test my faith.

    The worst of all was the fact that he was completely uninterested in my presence. He had not looked up one single time and instead submerged himself in his search. A shopping basket beside him was already crammed with books and the other was ready for dozens of other books which I would also like to have but because of him would never get a chance. I felt like Adolf Hitler losing the battle at Stalingrad and Saddam Hussein losing Baghdad. I understood that the man was not only a native and knew the city well but also he had a car which gave him the advantage already from the begining. I had no other choice but to concede defeat and hope that it would be I who would win the last battle. I went outside and walked with heavy steps all the way back to the centre. I had not dared to take the bus and smell again the stale Swedish beer 2.8% percent because I would have probably cried.

    To be continued....

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    Re: Avarice- Part four Short story

    I hate this "cigarrette stinking" man.
    By the way, is this story based on your experience, or is it fictitious?
    It made me excited!

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