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Thread: Off the hook?

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    Cool Off the hook?

    Hello amigos!

    Iīve come across with this expression a couple of times but I havenīt caught the meaning yet, Might anyone enlighten me on this? Iīd appreciate a lot



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    Re: Off the hook?

    Hi !

    Off the hook means to be free of blame, or to be free from a difficult situation. Consider the following examples :

    " I know you didn't steal the money Tom because David confessed to the crime, you're off the hook."

    " I got in two hours late last night, but thankfully my parents didn't hear me. I'm off the hook!"

    "Even though I handed my homework in late, my teacher let me off the hook with just a telling off."

    Hope this helps with your understanding of this interesting phrase!
    Deborah ESL :-D

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    Re: Off the hook?

    Also, before cordless telephones were commonplace, a telephone receiver had to be hung up, or placed back "on the hook" in order to terminate a phone call. (This was in the case of a standard wall-mounted telephone, although if a desktop style phone was left uncradled, it was also referred to as being "off the hook.") Anyone trying to call in to a phone that was left off the hook would get a busy signal.

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    Re: Off the hook?

    off the hook (idiom) = released (or be released) from blame or annoying obligation.

    "Once they found the real culprit, they let Mary off the hook."
    This idiom alludes to the fish that manages to free itself from the angler's hook and get away.



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