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    Question A shakespearen Question!!!!!

    "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet: so Romeo would, were he not called Romeo"

    What does Juliet mean??Please help me.
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    Re: A shakespearen Question!!!!!

    Roses would still smell sweet even if they were not called roses.

    A person is no different as a person, whatever his name.

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    Re: A shakespearen Question!!!!!

    names are just that..names...a person will still be the same person no matter how you call him or her...

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    Re: A shakespearen Question!!!!!

    romeo would be the same whatever name he had - remember in the play the lovers are separated by their 'name' or families.

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    Re: A shakespearen Question!!!!!

    What is important is what he is, not the name other people gave him.

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