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    Smile how to improve writing

    Would somesone give me some advice about how to improve my english writing skill? I would like to practice it step by step. Which book shall I buy in order to do that becasue I cann't go to school and I can't even afford to take a distance course due to my financial situation. However, if their is any good books that I can buy and practice a bit that would be great. Plz give me some advide. I look forward to receving some advice here.

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    Re: how to improve writing

    Hello! I am not a teacher and I just an English learner too. I think your writing is not bad.

    I'd like share my experience with you. Of course, I don't think I am completely right about the opinion below.

    I believe it is true that practice makes perfect. I'd like to suggest you to keep reading and writing.

    First, read contemporary English articles as many as possible, such as news, so that you will grow familiar with the way how native English speakers do and try to imitate them.

    Second, do writing practice and let native speakers proofread it.

    Third, here's a writing skill teaching website -The Purdue Online Writing Lab, <>, which I just found today. It is very useful.

    Many forumites here would like to give you a hand about this but they just are volunteers and they help people in their spare time, so it is good to don't write too long each time. Subjects about politics or religion had better to be shunned here since they might be controversial or offensive for some people. Besides that, you can make some pen pals with educated native speakers so that they can help you though I don't look for one.

    My English is lousy but I keep on learning. I think it needs great perseverance and interest to learn a foreign language well. Good luck!
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