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    You are not over this ????

    Dear Sir :

    How are you doing ?

    May I ask you one question about English ?

    Below is a dialogue in a conversation. I just can not understand the meaning of the sentence written in red color.

    Conversation :
    Amanda: I guess I donít want to be high maintenance, but how do you thinkÖ
    Mason: Well, I think you are being a little high maintenance in all honesty.
    Amanda: If I were Devan, I might think that I made some hedgeway. Is that a word?
    Mason: Oh, get over it. I canít even believe thatyouíre not over this.Like, you won. Let it go.

    Could you please help me ? I just canít understand the meaning of ď you are not over thisĒ.

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    Smile Re: You are not over this ????

    Hi. It relates to the previous thing Mason says:'Get over it', an idiom meaning to accept a problem, to stop complaining and not worry about it anymore.



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