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Thread: Shut or Close

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    Shut or Close

    Do you 'shut' a door or do you 'close' it ?

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    Re: Shut or Close

    Quote Originally Posted by chiradeep sirkar View Post
    Do you 'shut' a door or do you 'close' it ?
    You can do either, both are correct.

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    Re: Shut or Close

    I am not a teacher but I could add that though both " shut " and " close " are correct there is a little difference between the two. Close conveys that you close the door gently and perhaps a politely. " Shut " conveys a more noisy and less gentle way of closing the door. " Bang " which is at the other end of spectum would convey a very harsh, noisy and impolite way of closing a door. eg
    1. " When I saw that my mother had gone to sleep I walked out of the room closing the door behind me. "

    2. "She was upset with his remarks. She shut the door as soon as he left the room."

    3. " I have not come all the way here to take this nonsense from you", screamed the lawyer and he rushed out of the room letting the breeeze bang the door behind him.

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