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    in demo teaching, what will be the best topic you are going teach?

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    Re: English

    It depends on the subject and the level. The basic gist is as follows:

    [1] Ask the students what they know about the topic you are going to present; e.g., Introducing oneself.

    [2] Go over what they know, their good and bad uses of the language.

    [3] Add new language; e.g., words, phrases, meaning, colloquialisms.

    [4] Have them work with it; e.g., a text that houses the new language and alternative forms so that they can see or hear how it's used by native speakers.

    [5] Have them add to it using their knowledge about making introductions in their culture.

    [6] Have them practice their findings.

    [7] Show them where they were (their old knowledge) and where they are now (their new knowledge).

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