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    to trickle down


    I would be grateful if somebody could help me to understand this sentence:

    Somebody said that insolvency would hit record levels by the end of the month as the impact of the credit crunch trickles down the customers.

    ??? i don't understand the end of the sentence at all.

    Thank you in advance for your replies.

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    Re: to trickle down

    ...trickles down to(wards) the customers.

    Slowly makes it way towards, as in water trickles down from a leaky pipe.

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    Re: to trickle down

    It means that clients capability to pay would worsen because of the effect of the bad credit standing or records in the financial market taken in general, and it would go down the level of its customers coming from the way up as a consequence.
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    Re: to trickle down

    okay !!! I understand so much more the text right now!

    Thank you very much Soup and Hitch for your prompt and useful replies!

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