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    The verb 'to cope'

    Is it valid to say that a situation is 'copable'?

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    Re: The verb 'to cope'

    did u look up the dictionary ?

    i dont think there is an adjective for the verb cope.


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    Re: The verb 'to cope'

    Copable means able to cope with--it's not in any of the dictionaries online; however, that doesn't mean it's not a word. Rather, it's more likely that it has yet to be added--one day, after it's been used a lot more, that's all. Speakers are using it today, however. Just one example, e.g., the pain is copable or copable pain (Source).

    Your example, the situation is copable, makes sense--I can understand its meaning. It's short for we can cope with the situation. Whether it is accetable or not depends on the situation and the person you ask.

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