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    Quote Originally Posted by j

    HK Harman/Kardon (audio products manufacturer)
    HK Heckler and Koch (German gun manufacturer)
    HK Hong Kong
    HK Hacker
    HK Hara-Kiri
    HK Hard Kill
    HK Hari Krishna
    HK Hästkraft (Swedish: horsepower)
    HK Hefnerkerze (old unit for light measurement)
    HK Hello Kitty (cartoon)
    HK Herpes Keratitis (opthalmological malady)
    HK Hershey's Kisses (chocolate candy)
    HK Herstellkosten (German: Production Costs)
    HK Hideo Kojima (Japanese video game director)
    HK Holds Confirmed (reservation status)
    HK Housekeeping
    HK Hugs & Kisses
    HK Hunter-Killer

    is that what you are looking for ???

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    I'm not sure, but they posted the same question again- the 'hk' issue is obviously troubling them.


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