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    Post I'd like to know how I understand about "again"?

    Steve: So that means the BCAA is part of the CAA and is part of this International Automobile Association network?

    Colin: Yes, that's correct, so if you drive to the rest of Canada, or to the United States, and you break down, you'll be covered wherever you are. We're part of a large organization.

    Steve: So then, is this then a private company or is it a co-op, or just how is it organized?

    Colin: Actually, we are not a private company or a public company. We're governed under the Societies Act, which is something different again. It's because we started off as an auto club, a club of members. So, we're actually a not-for-profit organization, so what we do is for the benefit of our members.

    Generally, I know that again is used as the meaning of "once more; another time". but I don't think that above a sentence, again was used as "once more". so I'd like to know how I understand about "again"?

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    Re: I'd like to know how I understand about "again"?

    'again' also has the meaning 'in addition to what has already been mentioned'

    They are talking about private companies, and co-ops (public companies), but Colin says, legally, they are neither of those - they come under different legislation, the Societies Act. There is legislation governing private companies, and legislation governing public companies, but in addition to those two,there is a different set of laws that the IAAC falls under - 'and that's something different again.', "something quite apart from those two'.

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