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    Hi friends,
    I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro but spent most of my so called useful life as a computer analyst in New York City. Retired and back to Rio with a challenging task of having brasilian oil engeneers speak at least as well as I do. That can't be much. I wonder if I could have some help from the real professionals.

    I've been looking for some clipboards with pictures and their names on specific aplications for exemple: All usable things inside of a good old kitchen, what is inside of your mechanic workshop, the animals names, what we call them when they are many and how they sound. What about engeneering stuff, What language is used on a deep sea oil station cargo bay at a loading time or on a Boeing 777 on stuff conversations, when two captains of the pilot vessel and the aproaching one converse about their docking business. Is there any avaiable professional scripts already written to be purchased?

    Thanks folks,


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    Re: clipboards

    Why not buy just one copy of "Home and Garden" or 'HOme Beautiful" magazine, with it's pictures of make-overs of all the rooms of the house, and so showing all the things present in those rooms.

    The Discovery Channel has re-enactments of flight crashes with cockpit take-off talk and other technical language involved with planes. One program recently was about the running in of the new Queen Mary, and all the technical talk as the left and entered port, and what else to do with testing out the ship.

    What about getting some (free) catalogues (perhaps available over the Net) from companies supplying tools, equipment - the types of catalogues are huge, and for ease of selection, will include pictures (of various models) and names, and technical talk about specifications


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