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Thread: 'is' or 'are'

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    'is' or 'are'


    Please correct the following two sentences:
    1. Here is/are Tom and Robin.
    2. Tom and Robin are here.

    Which are the 'subjects' in the aforementioned sentences?

    Also, I have some doubt in the following :
    3. Taxes on interest is/are deferrable.

    Is Taxes correct? Is the plural of tax is taxes?

    Thanks for our help in advance!

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    Re: 'is' or 'are'

    1. Here are Tom and Robin.
    2. Tom and Robin are here. - this should be correct

    The words there and here are never subjects.
    Subject of second sentence is Tom and Robin

    Plural of tax is taxes.

    Please correct me if i'm wrong.

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    Re: 'is' or 'are'

    Subject-Tom and Robin
    Tax: though countable and uncountable ,plural form taxes is used.
    Taxes are deferrable--correct.
    1)Here are Tom and Robin.correct 2)Tom and Robin are here.correct.



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