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    Grammar(cloze test)

    Choose the word from 1 to 10 which best completes each sentence:

    Archeologist H.Schilerman believed implicitly Homer's epic of the Trojan war.It was as real to him as were Paris and the beautiful Helen.So was Troy, (1.sight,site,side,spot) of the bitter siege which the German archeologist (2.departed,embarked,set out,travelled) to find on the Aegean coast of Turkey.He succeeded in 1973,revolutionizing the archeology of ancient Greece and (3.founding,introducing,establishing,determining) at least some possible historical basis for the Homeric tales.His excavations uncovered a wealth of golden diadems,jewelry and goblets.No longer could scholars blithely dismiss the heroics of the Trojan War as pure myth.This was,he (4.acknowledged,recognized,realized,concluded) incorrectly,the treasure of the king of Troy.It turned (5.out,up,off,down),however,to be from an earlier perod.Yet many questions remained unanswered.The ruins of Schlieman dug up seemed too slight for a city of Troy's (6.reputable,reputed,honorable,esteemed) wealth and power.Was there more of the city still to be uncovered?Were there other ruins somewhere that could give more (7.substance,subject,material,proof) to the poetic legend?
    Not long ago an international team of scientists made a discovery that could well answer some of the questions.There appears to have been an outer wall which presumably had (8.embraced,encased,encompassed,circled) a much larger Bronze Age city of the 13th century B.C.This was the time of the (9.supposed,asumed,pressumed,confirmed) events immortalized in the Iliad and the Odyssey folk tales recorded 5 centuries later and (10.assigned,attributed,associated,referred) to a blind poet known as Homer,whose own historical standing is also matter of counring dispute.

    My answers:1-site;2-embarked;3-establishing;4-concluded;5-out;6-reputed;7-proof;8-encompassed;9-presume;10-attributed
    However,I'm not sure at all since this exrecise is pretty hard for me

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    Re: Grammar(cloze test)

    Very good! For me, you get 9 out of 10. The only one I wouldn't agree with would be n 7, where I would have put encompassed.

    (there were typos for n 9: presumed)

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    Re: Grammar(cloze test)

    2 set out - embarked on what, from where?
    9 supposed - were the events probable or improbable? We are not deciding on the truth of this by probability. We are going to assume that these events occurred even though we have no proof or real evidence (as yet - that's what he set out to find!)
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    Re: Grammar(cloze test)

    Thank you both a lot!

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