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    Doubts on English training

    Dear Sirs
    Will you suggest me some warming up activities that can be used before entering into grammar sessions. And I prefer some non-traditional activities one to the traditional ones. Can I have an access on grammar worksheets from your site.


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    Re: Doubts on English training

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    Re: Doubts on English training


    Here is an activity that I used frequently, with students of all levels:

    Write words that can be used to make questions on index cards (you can choose verbs, or nouns, for example: do/go/birthday/country etc). Give each student a card. Then they have to move around and find a partner. They then ask the partner a question using the word they have been given. The partner asks his/her question, then they exchange cards and find a new partner.

    I liked this activity because it could be used in so many ways. Students can be asked to use a specific grammar structure in the questions. Or you can focus on conversation strategies: students have to greet each other, then ask their question in an appropriate way. You can have each student generate a follow up question based on the response he/she gets from the partner.

    It works with multi-level classes too. The lower level students can give short answers, and the higher level students can be encouraged to create a conversation.

    At the end of the activity you can get the whole group back together by asking individual students to ask the question to someone in the group. (I used a soft ball: the questioner would have to toss the ball to the person who was to answer the question.)

    You can keep your cards once they are made, and you have a ready made activity that can be used many times. It's also great when you are substitute teaching.

    I hope my explanation was clear!

    Take care,

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