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    Gingerbread Man

    This is an extract of a story Gingerbread Man:

    " On went the gingerbread man, and by and by he came to a bear. The bear said: ‘Where are ye going, gingerbread man?’ He said: ‘I’ve outrun an old man, and an old woman, and a little boy, and two well-diggers, and two ditch-diggers, and I can outrun you, too-o-o!’ ‘ou can, can you?’ growled the bear. ‘We’ll see about that!’ and trotted as fast as his legs could carry him after the gingerbread man, who never stopped to look behind him. Before long the bear was left so far behind that he saw he might as well give up the hunt first as last, so he stretched himself out by the roadside to rest."

    Could anyone possibly clarify for me the phrase written in bold?

    If yes, thanks a lot.

    Nice day.


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    Re: Gingerbread Man

    He might as well do it now as do it later.


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