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    Post Question: Take a position

    Steve: Now, I noticed on your website that you also get involved in advocacy; that is, to take a position on certain policy issues, presumably that affect the different businesses that you're in, whether it be the motoring public and laws that affect, you know, investing in presumably our transportation infrastructure, or things of that nature. Could you describe a little bit-is that taking advantage of the fact that you have 750,000 members and that therefore, presumably, the government should be listening to what a group of 750,000 people think about a subject? How do you get into this advocacy area?

    I think that to take a position is to express oneself thought or attitude for certain policy issues. but I don't know certainly whether I understnad exactly.

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    Re: Question: Take a position

    To take a position on an issue means that one is decided in one's own mind whether one is in agreement with what is proposed, or not.

    Just recently, there was a debate in Parliament about whether to lower the number of weeks since conception that a woman could obtain an abortion. The issue has been, at what point from the moment of conception is the foetus not a clump of cells, but a recognizable human entity.
    Anti-abortion advocates would, of course, take the position that the number of weeks should be lowered, as this would save the lives of more babies. (Obviously, their full position is, NO abortions.

    It can be much broader than this e.g. my position on meeting energy needs of the nation is to support building more nuclear power plants (or it could be, no, we need more air turbine generators and other renewable sources of energy.)

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