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    Please, only check out the obvious mistakes, do not give a damn about others. This is very important.

    Here an interview of a software developer at Cyanide:

    Can you briefly introduce yourself?

    My name is Xavier, I am 23-years-old and I am currently on a work placement at Cyanide until the end of July. I will finish my computer science studies this year and I would like to get a job at Cyanide at the end of my work placement. I have been taken on as a software developer, using C++/scripts with a moderator’s help who could support my candidacy.

    Can you present the innovations of this mode?

    Among the greatest innovations, it is the coming of the form planning to lead the season of these racing cyclists. We used to often get racing cyclists (AI) worn out by August, so that the end of the season was quite easy. That won't be the case anymore, or you will at least have to make more efforts in order to them to get exhausted.

    In concrete terms, how can the racing cyclists, managed by AI, be better?

    In fact, tiredness’s evolution is no more the same and form’s evolution is not as good as before. There won’t be any exact adjustment for the form anymore but a weekly plan which will enable the player to control the racing cyclist’s rise in power.That should give satisfaction both these who did not take pleasure in following precisely the racing cyclists’ form and also these who precisely adjusted it everyday.

    You realized a PCM form to optimize the tops of the form…. Do the plannings take up this concept?

    The malicious gossips are saying that the plannings can rest me assured with the form’s management, but I did not do the design!? Well, it will be possible for you to choose preset schedules, e.g. a schedule for either Tour De France + Vuelta or a schedule Ardennaises + Tour De France, and all with one click on it.
    We can now see more racing cyclists who attempt to be on two important tours a year.
    For the player purists, it will be possible for them to include customized schedules which will be able be modified not only in the game but also, outside of the game, in XML files.

    From your opinion, which could improve the form’s management?

    I think it will be difficult to take over customized schedules because we have got no indication about the tiredness that may generate a planning. So we go out on a limb about it. However - you do know me - I will never be very far to fix the form and also customized plannings.

    Could we deduce a schedule from a training programme? And could that be considered for what comes next?

    The racing cyclists (AI) choose the best planning that corresponds to their programme. For the human players, they will have to choose themselves the appropriate planning to their leader and also to create it themselves. Ideally, it would be needed for each programme, a planning that correspond but that imposes many models if we want to make more varied programs.

    I have already read there would be more backs (to front) regarding the scouts. Are there other innovations as regards the detections?

    The detection is another thing that has well evolved on PCM. To find the perfect racing cyclist will be a challenge exciting due to it will be needed at a time to pay good scouts so that for you to find the perfect one, next to pay attention to the races with the promising youngsters, and to spend time in a region to take a look at highest potentials and catch them. Furthermore, we will gradually discover the racing cyclist’s skills, this will require an investment over several weeks of career, and to be regardful of the scouts’ errors that are enthusiastic sometimes.

    Another thing about training on which I would like to come back again. It won’t be possible to see a percentage of progression of each ‘characteristic’, but a progression margin will be given to evaluate the racing cyclist’s capacity. So the player will be guided to give preferential training for a racing cyclist. A racing cyclist with a highest potential will definitely have a huge progression margin at sprinting, but a weak margin at climbing.
    On top of this we have to add the suppression of the experience levels, considered as too much brute and effectively substituted for kinds of the progressions (e.g. mature/late progression of short-term/long-term, or totally unpredictable). Therefore, we will find youngsters who improve their capacity quickly but who stagnate, or also late revelations.

    Will it still be needed to pay the equipment?
    Or will that be like in reality…Conversations with one equipment supplier or another?

    The equipment did not change regarding the last years. We buy once the material that we wish and it does not matter if we obtain all the models.
    It is true to say that could be revolutionized with the development of equipment supplier contracts, this is a suggestion that is often reappeared and I hope that will be incorporated into PCM2009. It is also true that we make a little bit the minimum as regards equipments, which yet are important in the cycling.

    Do the transfers change? Or will we be able to buy back a racing cyclist subcontract like the football does?

    The transfers running are left unchanged, but we have made an effort to adjust them better.
    On one side, the teams will attach a lot of importance as regards the racing cyclist’s nationality who they are recruiting, in trying to mainly get racing cyclists of the country of the team or country of their leader (e.g. Rabobank may recruit a Russian to support Menchov). Some teams also have a second recruitment orientation, e.g. Caisse d’Epargne might be interested towards the French market, or Quick Step might look for Italians.

    In regard to contracts bought back, that also exists in the cycling and will still be possible after on October 15th. However, we have made an effort to reduce the number of offers received during the off season, according to the racing cyclists’ movements at the end of the contract were sufficiently important.

    You have realized the official database editor which will be available with the game. Could you tell a bit more?

    This editor provides with the game will enable to modify the most important data that a player would like to modify. Evidently, we will therefore be able to modify racing cyclist’s name, teams’ and stages’ as well as racing cyclists’ statistics.

    Which are the version’s limits available with the game? Are they definitely taken?

    The functionalities have been voluntarily limited so that this editor may be utilized by most of the public, even for the players who are not familiar at modifying a database. Naturally, that won’t permit to modify the fundamental changes of the game, but to get it, other functionalities will be offered to the community. This year, the exports are realized towards XML files which are there to be modified easily, especially by Excel.

    This editor included in the game will probably have some corrections in the patches, but will stay sensibly similar. One more time, the databasers will use tools much more complete which will enable for them to modify more deeply the game. To me, giving the possibility of editing the database is a real trump for PCM because that brings along much effervescence in the community and that increases the life time of the game. Who has ever dreamed of doing a season with the Carrera of Chiapucci / Pantani, or playing the mythic battles Bartoli versus Jalaber?
    That will finally be possible with editors’ help.

    A word to say for the community before leaving?

    I hope the players will be satisfied with the next PCM’s edition and personally, I intend to be very present in the community especially in the databasers’ community that often lacks of information to handle the data.
    Being a member of the community, become CyaBoy, it seems important for me to do the relationship between Cyanide and its community. We blame pretty often a gap of Cyanide with us, and I hope to be able to reduce it as well as on the Cyanide’s forum than on PCM Assistance or also other websites of enthusiastic.

    Any help is welcome - Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Inteview

    It is over, so do not try to correct it.


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