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    Common used word in conversation...

    Dear sir or madam,

    I am happy I could be able to be part of this forum. I wish I may be good at english through this website.

    Acctually, I am not too bad at english. I sometimes facing hard on conversation as I don't really know the exact word which I can use to keep my conversation alive and continous. I used get stuck on the vocabulary.

    My inquires are:

    Could you please provide me list of common used word in daily conversation and I hope it would very much be useful for my daily comunication.

    What is the common idioms and phrasal verb...??

    Thank for helping me.

    Best regards.

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    Re: Common used word in conversation...

    The 'list' you refer to is called a Learner's English Dictionary!

    Just think of how many words in Indonesian or Portuguese you use in conversation, depending whether you are at home, at school/work, or shopping! - and getting there and back!

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