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    Ask information

    Hi,dear Sir/Madam

    I would be appreciated if you could tell me what is the exact difference of this words:"legend","myth","folk tale".

    yours sincerely

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    Re: Ask information

    According to legend: - Definitions from

    Synonyms 1. Legend, fable, myth refer to fictitious stories, usually handed down by tradition (although some fables are modern).

    Legend, originally denoting a story concerning the life of a saint, is applied to any fictitious story, sometimes involving the supernatural, and usually concerned with a real person, place, or other subject: the legend of the Holy Grail.

    A fable is specifically a fictitious story (often with animals or inanimate things as speakers or actors) designed to teach a moral: a fable about industrious bees.

    A myth is one of a class of stories, usually concerning gods, semidivine heroes, etc., current since primitive times, the purpose of which is to attempt to explain some belief or natural phenomenon: the Greek myth about Demeter.

    folktale - Definitions from

    Try here also WikiAnswers - What is the difference between legend and myth and what is the exact definition of each

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